Whether you need digital or analog: we offer a full range of materials, thicknesses and sizes ranging all the way to 50”x80”. Whatever your polymer plate need may be, we have a solution that can help. We use the highest quality raw materials on the market and produce printing plates of all thicknesses, of which the most common are: 0.73, 0.94, 1.14, 1.70, 2.54, 2.84, 3.94, 4.32, 4.70, 5.0, 5.51, 6.35 mm with continuous care for the environment and nature preservation, since it is one of the more important goals in business for us. Rely on our tradition and immense experience to achieve your goals and meet your most demanding expectations.

Solvent Washable Plates

We manufacture the newest generaton of solvent washable flexographic printing plates for improved tonal gradation and high quality highlight reproduction. It can be used for conventional and digital flexographic printing plates satisfy the demands of even the most critical flexo printer. Our solvent washable flexoplates stand for quality and short processing times. A high level of durability make them suitable for repeat orders.

Water Washable Plates

We, the pioneer of a water-wash letterpress plate. Our superior photopolymer technology produces a water-wash plate which is also durable to water-based ink, as well as solvent based and UV-ink. This revolutionary plate eliminates the need to use toxic, environmentally damaging washout solvents, and allows processing by Water

Dry Offset Plates

The Photopolymer Plate typically used by Dry Offset Printers on formed plastic closures / containers has a raised image surface approx. .020 thick adhered to an approx. .010 thick magnetic metal base material via a strong bonded adhesive layer. Molded Bottle Caps, Lids, Plastic Cups, Foam Cups, Tubs, & completely Formed Plastic Pails can all be printed at high speed for long production runs numbering in the millions of impressions depending on care & treatment of this durable photopolymer plate material . We can provide a broad range of photopolymer plate material thickness & hardness suitable for mounting on a variety of magnetic and clamp type print cylinders. We can punch your printing plates with an array of standard Dry Offset punch patterns utilized by the major printing press manufacturers

UV Coating Plate

Coating plates are ideal for laying down varnish highlights to make layout elements standout or for applying a gloss accent to the entire printed surface. Coating plates are also frequently used to control adhesive lay-down for the construction of cartons or other types of printed packaging.

Common applications are:
• Inline finishing in sheetfed offset presses with coating units.
• Off-line finishing in coating presses
• Spot and full surface coating on coated papers and board
• High resolution and print contrast
• High stability even with UV varnishes and inks
• Excellent dimensional stability due to thick polyester file

Alchohol Washable Plates

S43 is a steel backed, nylon-photopolymer coated, alcohol developed plate with a thickness of 0.43mm. Alcohol developed plates are superior to water wash plates as they last longer and hold finer detail. The print impression capability of the S43 is rated at 20,000 to 30,000 impressions. The photopolymer color is a medium-dark green.

Applications: Colour Shade Cards, Pad Printing etc

Collapsible Tube Printing Plate

The advantage of using water washable CTP plate is a faster imaging process, avoiding the use of film.This results in a highly consistent plate quality and a reduction in personnel time as well as operating cost required to make the plate. The CTP imaging device uses a laser to remove a black layer on top of the plate to allow UV light to harden the photopolymer in the next process step. This plate thickness is mainly used for collapsible tube printing

Copper Dies

Copper dies are used in place of magnesium dies when a certain impression length is exceeded. This will vary depending on the type of substrate you are stamping on. Press runs of a million or more foil stamping impressions can be achieved with a photoengraved copper die. This is especially important when foil stamping on high-speed equipment, where the speed and action of the press are more likely to cool the temperature of the die.

Commercial Film Processing for Negative/positive

We offer a full film output, imagesetting service for screen printing, litho printing or letterpress, with positive or negative film (emulsion up or emulsion down) in-house. We use AGFA imagesetting machines and film to give you the best results. Accurate calibrated output, for the production of CMYK and spot colour separation film sets.